I'm a Connecticut based Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Wizard of creative solutions. My passions include: brand identity, story telling, reinventing the wheel, and positive thinking.

In design, I strive toward contemporary problem solving. I’m excited by the viewer, and consider their eye when I begin any work. I aim for unique compositions, playful visuals, and how the story could be retold, without sacrificing quality. I’m drawn to reinvention, and the beauty in subtleties, and I hope you’ll find this within my work.

In illustration, I value the hand of the artist. I’m inspired by imperfect shapes, colors that expand past their contours, and the beauty in the organic. I enjoy the playfulness within illustration, which leads me to a child-like eye when it comes to my subjects and series work. I value a multitude of mediums and base my selection on the story or look I’m going for, without limiting my imagination.
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